How much are veneers? A Complete Guide

how much are veneers

Do you believe in the power of a great smile?

Your bright smile is your confidence booster which makes you able to face the world with positive confidence.

Veneers are basic needs for those suffering from different mouth problems such as accidental injury, tooth decay, stained teeth, or others. These veneers are a covering layer that covers your teeth properly to hide your teeth problems. Now these veneers have become a fashion trend among people. 

How many veneers was a sort of stress in the past but not now? Excessive demand made them affordable for everyone. 

You will find several insurance companies that offer different discounts on porcelain veneers but still people get confused about how much are veneers cost with insurance. These companies offer insurance discounts only for those who need veneers for medical reasons.

Let’s go into the world of veneers to smile brightly!

What are Dental Veneers?

Imagine receiving a little makeover for your teeth! It is the function of dental veneers. Choosing between permanent or temporary veneers also referred to as snap-on or removable veneers is a great choice when it comes to cosmetic operations that can enhance your smile.

Veneers are extremely thin shells that are bonded to the front of your natural teeth. 

They are usually constructed of porcelain or resin. They can conceal stains, chips, gaps, and crooked teeth to instantly improve your smile.

Insurance Coverage for Veneers:

You can get dental insurance for veneers but there should be a solid medical reason behind the use of veneers. Otherwise, you can’t get this insurance at all. Majority of the people use them just for cosmetic reasons and this type is not included in dental insurance plans.

Probably you don’t know how much do veneers cost with insurance. Those people who have medical reasons can get proper financial support for veneers. You can receive cosmetic dentistry from your present dentist who is familiar with your smile or from a specialist they recommend since many dentists collaborate with financing businesses to arrange payment plans.

A health savings plan could also be provided by your dental insurance. You can start funding this plan now to get your veneer savings up fast.

Why Are Veneers So Popular?

Veneers are actually a thin layer that is created with a special artificial material that matches your teeth color. The purpose of these veneers is to make your smile beautiful with brighter and straighter colors according to your teeth. These veneers cover the chips and cracks of your teeth. 

The trend of using veneers is becoming popular among everyday people due to reliable costs. 

How Much are Veneers? 

In the past, only celebrities used these veneers to make their smile brighter but the excessive use of them makes them affordable for everyone at lower rates.


In most cases, your dentist recommends whether you need to use veneers or not. Your dentist’s approval is necessary if you are seeking some dental insurance. Your dental insurance may partially cover alternative treatments, such as orthodontics, but it is unlikely to pay for this therapy if your main goal is straighter and whiter teeth.

How the Veneer Process Works?

Dental veneers are actually an artificial layer which is made in the medical laboratories. These are created according to your teeth size. Their purpose is to give you confidence with a happy or bright smile. 

There are the majority of people who are suffering from some dental problems, such as stains, cracks, or damaged teeth, they are the actual recipients of dental veneers. 

how much are veneers

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Still, it is difficult to estimate how much are teeth veneers because different dentists offer different costs for them. Their purpose is to cover the enamel of your teeth which can be damaged with different whitening products and improve the overall symmetry of your teeth.

Your dentist may also recommend dental veneers to cover:

  • Chips or missing pieces
  • Crooked or misaligned teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Gaps in your teeth

Your dentist will shave off a little portion of the enamel and place the veneer on top of it once it has been produced and sized to fit your mouth. 

These are permanent changes to your teeth even if they might need to be changed eventually. Once they are in place they cannot be removed.

When Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Veneers?

You will find different reasons why people need or want porcelain veneers. But in terms of dental insurance, it is necessary to get a medical prescription in which it is mentioned that why you need porcelain veneers and how much are porcelain veneers will determine exactly what your policy will and won’t pay for. 

Remember different health insurance doesn’t cover elective cosmetic operations. When you talk about dental insurance just remember that cosmetic dentistry is not part of this insurance. 

On the other hand, there are some insurance companies available which provide what is referred to as an add-on or rider plan that covers cosmetic dentistry.  

Ultimately, it all comes down to:

  • It is important to discover whether medically you need veneers or not 
  • Just came to know do you need cosmetic dentistry or not

However, each insurance is different from others because their terms and conditions or cost are all different. This is the reason why, their answers don’t match at all. 

It is necessary to evaluate at first your purpose of using veneers at first:

Medically Necessary:

  • When you face tooth decay due to dental disease
  • an accident or injury can also be a big reason 
  • Bite mechanics are also the reason why you need veneers
  • Want to replace missing teeth? Then veneers are the best option
  • When you have chipped or damaged teeth
  • If you have enamel hypoplasia, acid reflux, fluoride stains, tetracycline stains, or celiac disease

Your dentist prescribed the need for veneers according to your teeth situation. This prescription is in written form in which he/she explains your teeth situation and explains that to restore the enamel damage of your teeth or other accidental problems these veneers are necessary.

Cosmetic Preference:

  • To fill in gaps between your teeth
  • To cover coffee, wine, or tobacco-stained teeth 
  • To change the shape and length of your teeth according to your face dimensions
  • To adjust minor misalignments of your teeth

When you don’t want any medical assistance to cover any kind of your teeth damage then you will call this procedure of using veneers only for cosmetic purposes. 

Here it is hard to estimate how much do veneers cost because veneers come in different varieties cheap or high quality. So your pocket will decide which porcelain veneers you can afford. 

Veneers Are Not for Everyone:

Want to use veneers? You must need to talk with your dentist first because these are not good for everyone. You must fulfill all the requirements at first to use them. Your dentist will tell you whether your mouth is healthy enough for this option or not.

  • No teeth are grinding or biting (bruxism).
  • Keep in mind that even if your teeth are slightly misaligned, stained, or cracked, your gums and teeth are still healthy.
  • To maintain the health of both your natural teeth and your veneers, you continue to brush and floss at least twice a day.
  • You are aware that to maintain good dental health, some enamel on your teeth will be removed and that you will eventually need to have your veneers replaced.

People who get veneers in their teeth must take a few days to get normal with this artificial material.

Improve Your Smile:

how much are veneers

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Those who are using veneers are self-conscious about a certain aspect of their smile and are looking for a fast solution. It makes sense that adults might be eager to get their smiles better especially if they had braces or other orthodontic treatments for years as kids or teenagers.

Ask your dentist whether veneers are the best solution for you or not. Sometimes, straight aligners, a different kind of orthodontic appliance are a better option for straightening your teeth.

Final Thoughts:

How much are porcelain veneers? Initially, they were costly enough that not all people can afford them but now their excessive demand has made them affordable to everyone. it’s a long-term investment in your smile. If you give proper care your veneers can last seven to 15 years or longer. 

People Also Ask:

What Can You Do Instead of Veneers?

There are four Alternatives to Veneers:

  • Crowns: These alternatives are made of metal, porcelain, or ceramic. These are long-lasting due to their strong nature 
  • Bonding: Want to fix your discolored or chipped teeth? You must use this layer of composite resin material
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Braces

What are the Most Natural Looking Veneers?

These are the most natural veneers that give a natural appearance, beauty, or positive confidence to smile among people.

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