How Long Do Shrooms Last? Effects and Detection Windows

how long do shrooms last
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One of the most important facts about the consumption of mushrooms is that when a person consumes this drug the effects appear within 20 to 40 minutes. 

When you don’t know how long shrooms stay in your system then there is the answer to your overwhelmed situation by exploring that you can notice mushrooms’ effects in the body for 3 to 6 hours and it will take 24 hours to normalize the body after consuming this drug. 

Shrooms are magic hallucinogenic mushrooms. This drug contains psilocybin which affects the body negatively.

In this article, we will talk about how long do shrooms last and the different effects of the drug on a person’s body.

Factors That Affect The Shroom Trip Length:

It is necessary to know how long do shrooms last. Different factors are behind it which decide the length of time of it. Each person has a different body system and these factors impact the body according to your body type. 


Well, tolerance has no role in affecting the shroom length time. The intensity is affected by it. 

While tolerance does not usually affect the length of the shroom trip, it does affect the intensity. 

If you keep using the same kind of magic mushrooms often, your body might get used to them. This means that you might not feel their effects as much. Some people might also need to wait a while between trips. Otherwise, they won’t feel much if they take mushrooms again too soon. 

When your body gets used to mushrooms, you might need to take more to feel the same effects. How much you need can also depend on how healthy you are and how much you weigh. Taking too many mushrooms can be dangerous and make your trip hard to handle.

Setting and Set:

Setting or set includes the physical environment or surroundings. When you talk about set then remember it refers to the mindset of a person before starting the mushroom trip. These are the two factors that determine how long shrooms stay in your system. 

Magic mushrooms can make time feel strange. Sometimes, a moment that feels stressful might seem like it lasts a long time, even if it’s only been 30 seconds. Other times, happy moments might seem short, even if they’re longer than that.

Remember the setting or set affects the mushroom trip and how long do shrooms last so you need to keep a good physical as well as mental health if you are thinking of taking this drug.

Method of Consumption:

how long do shrooms last

Different methods of shroom consumption determine the impact of shrooms on the body. Moreover, it also determines how long it takes for shrooms to kick in. 

Now the question is in which forms you can use mushrooms? Can you smoke shrooms? The answer is ‘Probably’. Because it comes in different forms including dried whole mushrooms, ground up, and made into tea. These different forms are made due to the body metabolizing capacity of the drug.

Some types of mushrooms make you start feeling the effects of the trip sooner than others. Some people have found ways to make the trip start faster. When you soak dried ground mushrooms in lime or lime juice before you eat them, it makes the drug work much faster.

Mushroom Dosage:

Mushroom dosage plays an important role in its length. Each person has a different body system so this mushroom dosage affects them all differently. You may find two different methods for consuming psychedelic drugs, micro-dosing and macro-dosing. These methods determine how long it takes for shrooms to kick in.

Macrodosing Vs. Microdosing:

Those who want an intense psychedelic experience must select the macrodosing method in which they consume a huge amount of shrooms. The effects of macrodosing lasts 6 hours or longer. To avoid its side effects, it is important to have a mindset that helps to save you from any adverse situation. 

Microdosing is different from it. This method is for those persons who want to take a small quantity of magic mushrooms. These are microdosing so their effects are also long long lasting. They affect for a short time. A tenth of the amount of mushroom is needed in microdosing which is about 0.1 -0.3 grams.

Can You Overdose On Mushrooms?

Some people use high doses of mushrooms which is not good for health in any way. A study revealed that those taking an overdose may suffer from paranoia, panic, and anxiety due to a high dose of the drug.

How Long Do Shrooms Stay In Your System?

Shrooms meaning is that it is a drug that has a life and it is much stronger to affect your body more rapidly than other drugs. the effects of this drug remain for 24 hours. The timing of its effects is different in different people. 

How Long Are Shrooms Detected By Drug Tests?

When you take shrooms before 6 hours, then you can’t detect it after 6 hours. No drug test is capable of detecting the shrooms in your body. However, there are some drug tests available that may detect shrooms in your body but they are costly and no one can afford them.

No Blood, saliva, or urine tests detect the shrooms or their pressure on the body. You can detect its effects in a few hours but a hair follicle test may detect shrooms in your body for up to 90 days.

Factors That Affect How Long Shrooms Are In Your System:

how long do shrooms last

Different factors affect how long shrooms stay in your system. These factors are out of the consumer’s control.

Type of Mushroom:

Mushrooms have something called psilocybin in them, and that’s what makes you see things differently when you take them. But different kinds of mushrooms have different amounts of psilocybin in them. 

When you eat mushrooms, it’s hard to know exactly how much psilocybin you’re getting. If there’s more psilocybin, it stays in your body for longer.

Your Body And Age:

In your older age, your body functions including liver and kidney function, and metabolism slows down. In this situation, the use of psilocybin makes your body work slowly. For those users who are taking this drug, their body mass index or hydration level must be recognized at the time of shroom consumption. 

Method Of Use:

There are several ways available for using shrooms. Different ways have different impact on your body. Each method determines how long do shrooms last and how your body metabolizes certain substances.

Time Before Testing:

If you want to test to detect the drug in a patient’s body, then you must test the patient within a couple of hours before taking the drug to detect the shrooms in your body. Otherwise, you will find nothing in the test.

How Much You’ve Had To Drink or Eat?

When you take mushrooms after your meal, then the duration of the psilocybin stay is longer but if you consume it after drinking plenty of water will have different outcomes.


The stay of shrooms in the body depends on the dosage quantity. If you consume a higher dose of this drug, then you must be worried about how long do shrooms last. It will last longer. But if you take a low dosage then it will stay for a short time and move quickly.

Final Thoughts:

What do shrooms look like? These are rounded in shape with a cap. Their effects are different on people. One common thing is that it has undesirable effects on a person’s body or health. 

Getting help from professionals who are experts in treating substance use disorder is the best way to get rid of harmful substances from your body and start building healthier habits.


What are the immediate effects of consuming shrooms?

Consuming shrooms has different immediate effects which may include altered perception of reality, enhanced sensory experiences, mood changes, and altered sense of time.

How long do the aftereffects or “comedown” of shrooms last?

The aftereffects of shrooms last for several hours. In these hours, the person feels introspection, emotional sensitivity, and lingering changes in perception for 24 hours or longer.

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