What Is Freeze Dried Candy?

freeze dried candy

Frozen candy is a hobby, a dessert, an experiment, and novel fun.

For some years, people have gone crazy for the best freeze dried candy. It has now become a trend to freeze dry all food, but not only the candies.

But the question is what is freeze dried candy and how you can start this freezing process?


Above all, is it possible to do this at home or not?

It is necessary to answer these questions by giving proper explanation about this process. 

In this article, we will discuss what is freeze-dried candy and how you can freeze or preserve them.

Where Does Freeze-Drying Come From?

The freeze-drying process is not a modern invention. It was rediscovered during the late 1800s. Preserving food is not a recent development. This process is re-modifying again and again.  

This way of doing things gets better as we find we really need it and try different ways to make it work well every time. 

Freeze-drying food became very popular in the middle of the 1900s when parts of the government, like the military and NASA, started using it to make food for their people. 

Nowadays, tools have gotten much better at freeze-drying food and other stuff. There are new tools now that let people save their things if they can pay for the tools at first.

How to Make Freeze Dried Candy?

The reason for the drying process is to soak water from the food because when the food is wet from the inside, it causes bacteria or fungus to damage the food. The same is the case with candies like if they are wet from the inside, the bacteria or fungus destroy the taste or structure of the candy. Dried candy is 98- 99% safe from moisture. 

Freeze Dried Candy

Let’s discuss how to make freeze dried candy!

  • Use a freeze-drying machine to make these candies
  • First, the machine cools the temperature of the candies below freezing point which helps the moisture to convert into ice
  • After that, these ice crystals turn into water vapors in a vacuum or near-vacuum environment 
  • Freeze-drying removes water through a slow combined process of freezing, sublimation, and desorption
  • Desorption removes the remaining water or ice from the surface of the candy. It is actually a chemical that helps to remove complete water from the candies and you get the best freeze-dried candy as a result
  • Finally, you get your candies in the shape they were before. The presence of water may affect the candy shape, this machine helps to dry all the water from the food. Only 2% water remains and you will get crunchy or chewy frozen dried candy.

Can I Make Freeze-Dried Candy at Home?

People want to know whether they can make the best freeze dried candy at home or not. Because this process seems easy for them.

The answer is that it is 50% possible or 50% impossible.

Freeze dryers maintain low temperatures and near-vacuum for many hours. 30 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is required to dry a candy fully.  

If you want to freeze dry your candies at home, then you must seal your freezer tightly to create a vacuum inside your freezer and maintain this environment in your freezer to let the water dry completely from the candies. 

However, different home sized freezers are also available in the market but they are expensive enough to afford them. These dryers have a high production cost because they must automate the preservation process.


The freeze drying works better due to modern technologies but it is hard for people to buy them because these freezers are very expensive and no one can afford them. Only the ones who have money or can afford to buy them. 

Well, you can freeze dry foods at home, but make sure you can do this or not. This is a big investment that you might not want to spend your hard-earned bucks on.

Can I Make Freeze-Dried Candy With A Dehydrator or Air Fryer?

It is difficult because air fryers use superheated air to cook food so it is unable to freeze the candies or anything else. 

Dehydrators are incapable of removing water from food because their function or temperature is different from freeze dryers. It removes the water through evaporation or heating but you can’t get a 100% result.

The result is a product that is chewier than freeze-dried ones.

What Does Freeze-Dried Candy Taste Like?

When you taste the best freeze dried candy, you will discover that these candies aren’t like regular ones. Their taste is perfectly crunchier just because these are free from moisture. 

Freeze Dried Candy

You can find the difference in yourself because the texture of these candies is soft, and pliable before the drying process but after going through the freeze-drying process these chew candies turn to crunchy or brittle.

Try a Piece For Yourself With Candy!

Can you tell the difference between the tastes of freeze-drying candies or chew candies? 

You can better differentiate when you taste them. Otherwise, you are unable to explain the difference clearly. 

Once you try a piece of freeze-dry candies, you will be mad at them because these candies are light, crunchy, or brittle in taste and these are not like other regular candies. They are even different in texture and shape.

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What Is Freeze-Dried Candy?

As aforementioned, it is a special kind of candy that is taken through the process of freeze-drying before it is ready to eat. 

During the freezing procedure, all candies are frozen to their best and after that, all the ice is removed by a procedure which is known as sublimation.

Once done, the candies are ready to eat with their dry, crunchy, and crispy texture.

How Is Freeze-Dried Candy Different From Regular Candy?

Two basic reasons make these candies different from the others, which include:

  • Flavor
  • Texture

Moreover, it has a more natural flavor as compared to regular candy.

Is Freeze-Dried Candy Healthier Than Regular Candy?

Yes, of course! Eating these frozen candies makes you feel healthier than any other candies. The reason is that there is no added sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives. And still, they are enriched in natural sugary tastes that are not harmful to the health.

What Types of Candy Can Be Freeze-Dried?

There is a large variety of such candies that can be freeze-dried, including

  • Chocolates
  • Gummies
  • Marshmallows
  • Fruits, etc.

Can I Make Freeze-Dried Candy At Home?

Why not! 

You just need to do a couple of things including 

  • Ensuring you have a freeze dryer
  • And follow the proper recipe

Alternatively, you can purchase these candies from stores or online retailers which can be cheap in price. In short, home freezing is also possible but it is the most expensive task. 

How Should Freeze-Dried Candy Be Stored?

The best way to store these candies is using an air-tight container. The reason is that if you keep them in an open environment, they will start absorbing moisture from their surroundings.

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