how long until a tooth infection kills you?

Can You Die with A Dental Infection?

People get confused when they hear about tooth infection death rate. Tooth infections are considered a casual issue and people pay little attention to it. Here, the problem got worse. Any kind of infection starts with the presence of bacteria. The same is the case with tooth infections. 


When a bacteria hits your tooth, then this infection starts and if you don’t take it seriously, then you may face adverse consequences. The infection first attacks the mouth’s soft tissues. A dental abscess, which is a pus-filled pocket surrounding the damaged tooth, is created as the infection progresses over time. Yes, you could die from a dental infection and it can get worse over time.


In this blog, we will explain that negligence of dental infections causes life-threatening complications so these dental issues must be resolved earlier.


Let’s have a look!!!

The Progression of a Tooth Infection:

Although tooth infections initially cause only a little discomfort, they can quickly worsen. This infection damages your tooth roots which leads you to severe pain. When your tooth infection worsens, it is an alarming situation and you must take it seriously. 


If you don’t know when a can Tooth Infection kill you?, remember that if you don’t take any immediate action to treat your tooth infection, then it will go beyond your mouth and affect your neck, jaw, or other parts of the body like the heart or brain badly.

Signs and Symptoms of a Tooth Infection:

There are different signs and symptoms of dental ulcer here:


  • You feel sudden toothache that radiates to the jaw, neck, or ear
  • Hot or cold temperatures may affect your tooth severely
  • While biting or chewing food, you feel the problem
  • Your face or cheeks swelled due to a tooth infection
  • A “bump on the gums” or pus pocket
  • Swelling, sensitive lymph nodes in your neck or beneath your jaw Fever
  • A bad taste in your mouth or bad breath


However, these are some symptoms that may affect your teeth negatively and may kill you at last.


How Can A Tooth Infection Kill You?

When you don’t treat your tooth disease, it spreads to another part of your body and drags you toward painful death that is the simple answer of how long until a tooth infection kills you. 


A dental infection normally takes months to form. After an abscess forms, it is accompanied by symptoms such as pain, swelling, etc. 


You run the danger of developing health issues if you ignore the symptoms and do nothing about the infection. Maintaining proper dental hygiene is also crucial to avoiding this.

What Complications Does A Tooth Infection Cause That Can Kill You?

You may feel several health complications if you have some tooth infections. You must treat it quickly otherwise it becomes life-threatening. 


Here are some of the problems that appear due to tooth infection:


An excessive reaction from your body could be brought on by a tooth infection. It may also have an impact on how well organs operate. 

how long until a tooth infection kills you

When an organ fails to function properly or abnormally, the body begins to damage its tissues. Sepsis is a potentially fatal illness that can result in organ failure and other complications.

Brain Abscess:

When you leave your tooth infection untreated, then it starts affecting the other parts of the body and brain system as well. The pus-filled material when enters your brain causes nerve swelling or sometimes blocks your brain nerves which stops blood flow in your nerves and causes death. This is a severe reason tooth infection death rate is increasing day by day due to negligence.

Ludwig’s Angina:

A tooth infection is a bacterial infection that affects your jaw, mouth, and neck at first. It spreads to the soft tissues under the tongue which cause some other mouth diseases.


When Can a Tooth Infection Kill You? Tooth infection causes inflammation of your heart’s inner lining and causes serious heart problems which may result in death. Most of the people get heart attacks as a result. 

Necrotizing Fasciitis:

Necrotizing fasciitis is an illness that spreads quickly and kills tissue throughout your body. As a result, it is sometimes referred to as a flesh-eating illness and can be fatal quickly.


An untreated tooth infection can be fatal but extremely rare. In addition, it may result in further health issues such as osteomyelitis (infection of bone tissue), cavernous sinus thrombosis (blood clot in the sinuses), and mediastinitis (inflammation of the lungs). These are some conditions in which tooth infection kills you.

What Are The Risk Factors That Cause Complications?

Several factors cause alarming situations and take you toward life-threatening complications from a tooth infection:

Immunocompromised Status: 

The majority of people who are suffering from some serious health problems including  HIV/AIDS, cancer treatments, organ transplants, or they are taking certain medications. These are some conditions that make it difficult for them to fight against these tooth infections.

Nutritional Deficiencies: 

The immune system and the body’s capacity to heal might be weakened by poor diet, which may make the infection worse.

Existing Conditions:

There are different diseases such as heart disease, and diabetes which weaken your body’s defense system to fight different tooth or other body infections as well.


Tooth infections may hit both adults or older. When your immune system is weak, you can suffer from tooth infection severely at any age.

Substance Abuse: 

Alcoholism and drug addiction are linked to poor oral hygiene and neglected dental disorders, both of which can compromise the body’s immunological response.

Delayed or Inadequate Treatment: 

The mild infection increases in those patients who don’t follow prescribed treatment immediately. That is why, the tooth infection death rate increases. 


When Can a Tooth Infection Kill You, these factors point out the risky situation that may affect your health negatively if not treated quickly. 

Making the Right Decision: The Role of Dental Consultation

You should see a dentist right away if you think you may have a tooth infection. They can evaluate the condition and provide the most effective course of action to get rid of the infection and safeguard your health.

how long until a tooth infection kills you

Remember that severe side effects from dental infections are not unheard of. You can prevent these infections with prompt, effective care. It’s important to get professional care right away.

Prevention of Tooth Infections:

Good oral hygiene is very important for minimizing tooth infection death rates.

  • Brush your teeth or clean them regularly
  • Try to use low quantity of sugary foods and drinks 
  • See the dentist regularly for cleanings and examinations. Early detection of possible problems helps stop the spread of serious illnesses…


The mystery of how long until a tooth infection kills you is solved now. Tooth infection is considered a light problem like cough and flu but a brief guidance is helpful for people to understand that they must not neglect any tooth issue including tooth infections. 


When any dental issue arises just recall in your mind When Can a Tooth Infection Kill You? This is quite enough to convince you to seek medical treatment immediately.


What Is the Death Rate of Dental Infection?

No one estimates the tooth infection death rate yet because these deaths are not common for those who are suffering from severe dental problems and didn’t treat them then they may face this horrible result.

How Long Before a Tooth Infection Kills You?

A tooth infection can become life-threatening in a matter of days to weeks if treatment is not received, however, an exact time frame is difficult to establish. Serious consequences may result from the infection spreading to other parts of the body or the bloodstream.


On the other hand, tooth infections seldom result in death and are frequently treatable with prompt care.

How Do You Know If a Tooth Infection Has Spread To Your Blood?

When you face a problem with sepsis you feel different conditions including rapid heart rate, feeling unwell or generally “off”, fever, and rapid breathing. This is a sign tooth infection has spread to the bloodstream. 


In serious cases, you may face different other symptoms including loss of consciousness, confusion, and reduced urine output. These all conditions require immediate medical attention.

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