Top 5 Google Review Cards To Increase Your Business Reputation

Top 5 Google Review Cards To Increase Your Business Reputation

Yes, it is true that with advancements in technology, businesses all around the globe are modernizing their operations. Gone are the days when people were used to of visiting physical stores and purchasing items. These days, everything is available online and you can buy anything while staying at home.

Okay well, coming to the point of discussion, which is Google review cards. In the following article, we will discuss what is this particular card about and how businesses get positive reviews via them.

What Is a Google Review Card?

It is a NFC (Near Field Communication) or QR (Quick Response) code-enabled card that is used to get feedback from potential customers.

These days, businesses are on the run of continuous growth. Due to this, every brand runs on positive feedback from their clients to showcase them to upcoming people. 

It not only builds trust but also increases the reputation of your business in the online marketing channels.

How Does NFC Google Review Card Work?

A digital review card contains a direct link that lets the customer land on the review page for a feedback job. 

The functioning of the Google tap review cards is just like that of the digital cards. The only difference between the two is that where a digital card contains information about the business, a review card is specifically designed to give reviews.

The basic reason behind this feedback card is to encourage the public to give feedback to the brands for their product purchase.

What Is the Best Google Reviews Card for Business?

So in the following section, we will throw a light on the best NFC Google review cards in 2024. 

Let’s discuss one by one!


If you are looking to purchase a Facebook card, TripAdvisor, or Google review card, VICE is the best platform for this purpose. 

You can place the card anywhere you want, like on the table, in your bag, at the reception, etc. It functions as a direct stream between you as a customer giving feedback and the concerned brand.

VICE provides digital review cards and other cards that are powered by NFC technology. 

One interesting fact about VICE cards is that you can purchase the following cards from this platform:

  • Bamboo cards
  • Wooden card
  • Metal cards
  • 24 carrot Gold card

All of these cards contain NFC or QR code facilities to let users use them without any trouble.

V1CE Google Review Card Pricing:

You can buy VI1CE Google review cards for just £20 ($28.05). If you purchase it for £65, you can get free shipping.


mTap has developed the most responsive NFC and QR-powered Google review cards for customers. These cards let consumers directly review the products they purchase from your online store. 

Simply narrating, the hassle of finding business pages online has ended for the customers. Using these cards, they can instantly get a review form in front of them on screen. This makes the process so easy.

mTap Google tap review card do not require any registration process. While its other digital cards can be activated and used only when you register and manage your account.

If you want to purchase this card for your business, you only have to provide your business information like name & address. It will be printed on the card and delivered to your business doorstep, either physical or virtual.

mTap Google Review Card Pricing:

mTap offers Google review cards at a reasonable price of $39.


Third on the list is TAPiTAG, which creates smart tech-based review cards for businesses. The platform offers you different Google review card templates so that you can buy the one according to your taste.

TAPiTAG ensures the quality of cards both for use and visual appeal. For this purpose, the brand uses UV technology to develop cards that not only make it catchy but also usable for a long time.

TAPiTAG guarantees a smooth customer review process for anyone. This ensures a low-cost solution to provide feedback.

If your business is new or you are conscious about your investments, TAPiTAG lets you enjoy the benefits of their Google review cards at no cost, which is a great perspective as well.

TAPiTAG Google Review Card Pricing:

  • Single Card: $39
  • 5 Card Pack: $183
  • 10 Card Pack: $360

Tap Tag:

For those looking to create a smooth path to get online reviews, Tap Tag is a platform that builds and distributes Google review cards at affordable rates.

Your customers will not need to install any particular app to use the card, everything is NFC-powered and functions with smartphones.

One of the significant benefits of Tap Tag is that it allows you to review on other well-known platforms and not just Google. These include:

  • Airbnb
  • TripAdvisor
  • Yelp
  • Trustpilot

Tap Tag Google Review Card Pricing:

The standard branded card costs you $19.95. But if you want a custom order, the rates can vary.


If you seek to get a bundle of 1k, 2k, or even more cards, this platform is where you need to land online. Due to the poor NFC technology embedded in the cards, they are just like ordinary paper cards that allow you to scan QR codes only to review the products.

You can ask for your business name, number, logo, and site address printed on the Google review card by Review.Cards.

Review.Cards Google Review Cards Pricing:

You have to pay about $74.99 for 500 printed Google review cards.

Features of a Google Review Card:

  • Built-in Analytics – See TAPS in real-time
  • Powered by NFC & QR code
  • UV Digital Print
  • Increase reviews in seconds
  • Tree planted for every TAPiTAG sold
  • One-off Fee | No subscription
  • iOS & Android | No App needed
  • Free Tracked Worldwide Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to Create a Google Review Card?

There are five steps involved in creating a review card:

  • Card Designing
  • Including NFC or QR feature
  • Providing clear instructions
  • Content Customization
  • Testing the card

How Do You Ask for Google Reviews On a Card?

To ask for a Google review, do the following acts:

  • Be polite
  • Provide clear instructions
  • Express gratitude





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