Tesla Phone Price, News, Release Date, And Specifications

Tesla Phone

You might have heard of the rumor regarding the Tesla phone. But to be honest, there is no such evidence of its arrival in the market. Many people talk about the model as either Model Pi or P, but no one is sure about the final product. Meanwhile, everyone is conscious about the look of the phone.

When Will the Tesla Phone Be Released?

Since its establishment to the current date, Tesla has launched many valuable products for the people. An example of this is the Cybertruck-inspired EV for kids and a stainless steel whistle. But there is no such news about the Tesla mobile phone and this is why, no one can say when Tesla will release the mobile.

Reasons Why The Phone Is Due:

A few reasons behind the rumor of the new Tesla phone Pi are as follows:


  • Most of the designs have been developed and shown by the  ADR Studio Design YouTube video back in 2021. But they also claim that there is no such reality in the designs. All of them are virtually created by expert video editors.
  • One of the great things about the phone is that it is loaded with extra smart features like Neuralink & connectivity on Mars. chances are there that these characteristics might not be present in the first release, but thinking about them gives another kind of tech feel. 
  • If brain technology like Neuralink eventually gets rid of phones completely, then working on improving phones would be a waste of time.

Lifewire’s Release Date Estimate:

One thing that needs to be cleared here is that all of these rumors about the new Tesla phone Pi are just fantasies. No doubt Tesla has announced to release of its unbeatable mobile phones, but there is no guarantee that they might be having these features discussed here.

Tesla Phone

Also, if there are chances that the released rumors are genuine to some extent, still the mobile phone is thought to be released in the year 2030.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors:

If it is supposed that the Tesla mobile phone contains all the features or a few of them, its price is expected to be in the range of $800-$1200. But this is just a hypothetical estimate and just nothing.

If the phone is released and many people start using it, the trend of modern technology usage will become common. It ensures that the subsequent versions of the Tesla mobile may become a little cheaper, but not so much. Still, they will be not affordable for every other person.

Features of Tesla Pi 5G:

The following are the supposed features of the Tesla phone Pi:

Better Integration With Electric Cars:

Tesla has already developed an application that can be used to perform different car functions, including:


  • Control media playback
  • Summon the car
  • lock/unlock the car, etc.


Now the addition is that if the Tesla mobile phone is released, it is thought there will be a built-in app that will provide these vehicle operations. Also, tesla users can benefit from the application by getting unique features.

Solar Charging:

As we all know tesla manufactures solar panels and cars, so there is no such distinction and anything of impossible thing regarding that. The phone is supposed to be solar-based, but there are still rumors that a case can store charging for use at night. In short, it would be no wrong to say that this case can be used as a Tesla phone charger.


Modern phones come equipped with AI and strong cameras to assist in taking pictures of the night sky. You have a phone that can take excellent pictures of celestial things when you combine that feature with SpaceX’s unavoidable otherworldly focus.

Crypto Mining: 

There is an additional rumor that it will mine cryptocurrency. Musk has previously discussed cryptocurrency in public, so it makes sense to believe he would want to include this feature in a phone. 


Although Dogecoin is already widely used and Bitcoin is still more popular, there is speculation that Tesla’s phone may mine a new coin dubbed MarsCoin. To make this function consistent, some very powerful gear would have to be installed.

Neuralink Support:

Neuralink is working on the idea of a computer interface with brains. The experts of this company have said that they are developing a Neural Implant that can allow anyone to use his/her computer from anywhere in the world. It will function with your brain activity, like you will just about things and your computer will operate accordingly.


This hypothetical advancement seems like an impossible job, but as everyone knows Elon Must owns Neuralink, so the chances of success are also high.

The Red Planet:

Many press releases reveal that the new Tesla phone Pi will also function on Mars through Starlink Connectivity. During a September 2016 seminar, Elon Musk stated that it would take 40 to 100 years to establish a self-sufficient community of one million individuals on Mars.


Of course, those folks will also require internet access.

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