Minecraft Splash Potion of Weakness

Potion of Weakness

Using different potions is one efficient strategy for players to have an advantage over their competitors. Because of its strategic importance, the Splash Potion of Weakness is one of these potions that is especially helpful.


Though its name implies that it could be harmful to the user when thrown it weakens adversaries which helps to make war conflicts more tolerable. 


Furthermore, this potion has a special ability to turn zombie villagers back into normal villagers which is crucial for players who wish to establish and manage communities.


In this article, we will discuss how to make a potion of weakness with complete details just for information purposes.


Let’s have a look!

Crafting Splash Potions of Weakness:

Different ingredients or brewing process is required for crafting Splash Potions of Weakness. The potion is actually for weakening the enemy mobs cure zombie villagers at the time of combining with the golden apple. 

Gathering Essential Ingredients:

To begin, players must collect the following:


  • Fermented Spider Eye: Composed of sugar, brown mushrooms, and a spider’s eye
  • Gunpowder: Usually acquired by taking down creepers or opening underground chests
  • Water Bottles: Created by pouring water into glass bottles that are made of glass
  • Blaze Powder: The brewing stand requires flame rods, which can be found in Nether stronghold fires

Brewing Process and Techniques:

Brewing Stand Set-Up:

  • Put the brewing stand made from a blaze rod and cobblestone on the floor
  • To activate the brewing stand, fill it with blaze powder at first

Creating Potion of Weakness:

  • Put water bottles in the bottom slots of the brewing stand
  • Put a fermented spider eye in the top slot to start brewing


You will get this by following these steps properly.

Conversion of Potions to Splash Potions:

Want to transform the potion into a splash potion? – You must follow the procedure of the potion of weakness recipe for this transformation:


  • Keep this potion on the brewing stand at first
  • Fill the top slot with the gunpowder and wait for the process to complete


When this conversion is done you will hear a sound which is a completion sign of the process.

Storage and Handling:

Keep Splash Potions of Weakness in your inventory so you can use them easily while playing. Remember, you can only carry a certain amount at once, so be smart about how you organize your inventory. Make sure to keep them safe and ready to use, especially when you’re fighting mobs or trying to cure a zombie villager.

Effects and Uses of Splash Potions of Weakness:

Impact on Various Entities:

The Splash Potion of Weakness weakens an entity’s ability to attack. With the help of these entities, when the players and mobs hit, the physical damage is reduced. It helps minimize the threat of different other clashes as well. When a golden apple is placed after the potion, zombie villagers become noticeable as their healing process begins.

Strategic Gameplay Applications:

Players apply the potion in strategic situations. For instance, when surrounded by multiple mobs such as spiders and witches, a well-thrown Splash Potion of Weakness can turn the tide by cutting down the foes’ attack power. Piglins, normally hostile to players, exhibit subdued aggression once the potion takes effect.

Detailed Interaction With the Environment:

When the Minecraft potion of weakness is tossed, it affects the environment strongly. You just make sure that although it affects the environment but doesn’t cause any physical damage at all. When this potion bursts, it affects all the entities that are near it. 

Advanced Tips and Tricks:

Skilled players create Splash Potions of Weakness which are designed for particular scenarios. When you use it against endermen in a fight, they force the fight to take place in small spaces. Splash potions are frequently used by players to transform villagers or for longer-range applications in conjunction with tipped arrows.

Item Specifics and Technicalities:

When you add some gunpowder to a potion of weakness, you will get the splash potion. Players can make splash water bottles by utilizing a cauldron that has been filled with the potion. In every edition, stable including PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, the name and item ID are the same. 

Final Thoughts:

It is quite a simple task how to make a potion of weakness. Players will need a brewing stand, ingredients like gunpowder, and a thorough understanding of the brewing procedure to construct a Splash Potion. 


The basic is that; the splash ability is increased with gunpowder. This procedure is comparable to following a potion of weakness recipe that calls for time and accuracy. Through the addition of this approach, players can boost their toolkit with an instrument that strengthens their efficacy in diverse game scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is the Minecraft Potion of Weakness Recipe for Making a Splash Potion?

It is quite simple to make this splash potion. Here are some simple steps you must follow to make it:


  • Brew a it at first 
  • Add some gunpowder to this potion 
  • You will get a Minecraft potion of weakness as a result


What are the Necessary Ingredients to Craft a Splash Potion of Weakness?

Different ingredients are necessary for crafting splash potion:


  • A water bottle
  • Fermented spider eye
  • Gunpowder
  • Blaze powder

What Is the Brewing Process for a Minecraft Potion of Weakness In Minecraft?

The brewing process of making splash potion is quite easy.


  • Use a brewing stand to first make it with the water bottle and fermented spider eye
  • Add gunpowder to create the splash potion version

How Do You Apply a Splash Potion of Weakness to a Mob In Minecraft?

To use it on a mob, right-click or press the use item button while pointing at the mob. This will make the mob weaker.


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