How can we come to live Tik tok in Pakistan?


First, we have to go to the Play Store of our mobile and after that, we have to download any VPN to our mobile and then after downloading it we have to go to Tik Tok and there All you have to do is click this button and see if we are live or not.

But you can see that there is no live option on it and now how we will go live I will tell you this.

How can we bring a live option on TikTok

First you have to go to your Tik Tok profile You can see that I have also included a picture of the file on my tik tok in this article and it will be very easy for you. And then you will get an option of three dots above your profile you can see I have put a circle on red colored up then you have to click

What to do after reaching these three dots?

After clicking on three dots you have to scroll down again and below will be an option report a problem you have to go and click on it I have added another image for your convenience which is also marked You can see I have put it

What to do after clicking Report Problem?

After clicking on Report problem, you will get this option, do not click on any of the line For your convenience I have added another picture in this paragraph so that you can see everything easily.

Submit a report?

Hello dear tik tok team

Please my tik tok live option is closed so I request tik tok team please open my live optionBecause I do very good broadcasting and I will surely lead life very well and according to your rules and honestly I will sit down and do my work please open my account live option I am very grateful to you So I hope you will give me your very good answer thank you

After report submit

After submitting the report you will get this message and I have added another image in this paragraph for your convenience.

what to do after sending the ticket to the tik tok team?

After sending the report to the Tik Tok team, when you get a message from them saying that we have received your request, then you have to close your Tik Tok application for a minute or two. Now we open Tik Tok again after a minute Now, let’s see again by opening Tik Tok, whether there is live option or not, I will show you to see if live option is available.

live option is available

live option live option


TikTok’s live option has emerged as a dynamic and interactive feature within the platform, revolutionizing the way users engage with content. By providing a real-time connection between creators and their audience, TikTok Live transcends traditional boundaries and fosters a sense of community. This feature enables instant feedback, fostering a more personalized and engaging experience for both content creators and viewers. With its ease of use and accessibility, TikTok Live has become a powerful tool for fostering creativity, building relationships, and expanding the reach of content. As the platform continues to evolve, the live option stands out as a key component, solidifying TikTok’s position as a trendsetter in the social media landscape.

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