How To Exit Navigation On Google Maps In 2024?

Exit Navigation

Well, there is no wrong in saying that Google Maps has saved a lot of precious time for billions of users worldwide. Just think of a destination you do not know about and you want to know how long it would take for you to be there. What would you do? No doubt, your mind will twinkle your thoughts of using Google Maps. 

But certain events come across during traveling when you have to exit navigation maps. And most of the time, you might seek some comprehensive way of doing that. So, my friend, it is time to explore this article, find tactics to exit navigation, and save you a lot of time.

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What Is Exit Navigation?

Exit navigation is the procedure that helps people to know the nearest possible exit in a certain building. 

This kind of exit is built so that people can easily and quickly escape from the property premises in case of any emergency.

When it comes to exit navigation in Google Maps, the app uses a lot of modern-day tech, including:

  • GPS Sensors
  • Lighting that assists the public in reaching the exit point of the building in less time

Digging Deeper!

When a building map is finalized, it is made sure that the exit points are to be built on the safest path across the whole property. With that, different things are used to guide people to the nearest exit navigation. These include:

  • Signs 
  • Automated audio announcements guiding people

Even nowadays, contractors advise installing such systems that use real-time location tracking. It accurately informs the people about the shortest possible path to get out of the property without any physical harm.

The exit navigation systems are 24/7 supervised by the security department of the building. These measures are taken to help save the precious lives of people during a fire-captured situation.

How to Exit Navigation?

Exit Navigation

Sometimes while navigating through Google Maps, you get stuck in this Map Mode. but if you do not know how to exit navigation, do not just worry and follow the guide below to get out of different related situations:

Google Exit Navigation Techniques                    Description
‘X’ Approach – Old Fashioned At the bottom left of Google Maps, you will find the alphabet ’X’. Simply tap on it to stop navigation and that is it.
Use Voice Command You may activate the voice command to just say ‘Hey Google stop navigation’
Notification Bar Shortcut By swiping the down on the mobile screen, you will see the ‘Exit’ Option. Tap on it and you are done.
Back, Back, and Away Tapping twice on the ‘Back’ button will get you back on the home screen of Google Maps
Multitasking Swipe This is the best option to go by. You can activate the swiping gesture option from the phone’s menu. After that, you can use it to swipe up Google Maps and exit the app.
Widgets and Quick Actions In most smartphones, users will find the exit navigation option which is fast and easy to do.
Bug Attack When it happens, you may simply restart the application.

Google Exit Navigation: System Settings and Protocols

Stop Navigation

Before you move on, you need to understand how the backend system settings function to run navigation cancellation. This is because these are the layers that operate the navigation completely.

Setting these values correctly guarantees that the user departs from their navigation logically and seamlessly rather than being abruptly taken out of their ongoing tasks.

1- Quirky Settings:

Here, we will let you know a secret way to quit navigation. 

  • Tap Profile Icon
  • Press Settings > Navigation Settings
  • Exit the Navigation

Well, let it be clear that it might not be a complete exit, but it will take you out of the frustrating situation at the same time.

2- Dealing with CarPlay and Android Auto:

People find it very difficult to exit route navigation in their cars’ Map systems. But the task is not that much tricky. What you need to do includes:

  • Using CarPlay, simply look for the Google Maps Screen. 
  • Once you see it in the top right corner, tap on it to stop the navigation

For people who use Android devices to navigate through the route while driving, the procedure becomes even more simple. As aforementioned, tap the X icon and quit the app. If it does not work, simply disconnect your mobile.

3. Updates and Versions:

Depending on the version of Google Maps you have, you may occasionally not be able to cleanly quit navigation. This is similar to Software as a Service (SaaS), which is dynamic and requires frequent updates. 


Updating the application regularly guarantees that you have access to the newest features and that any flaws that could force you to navigate endlessly are fixed. Thus, periodically visit your app store and give Google Maps the update it needs.

4- Smartphones System Tales:

Never ignore the underlying layers of your mobile devices. The reason is that these layers help the OS of the mobile function differently for completing navigation quitting. All of it depends on the way you interact with the application. 

So whenever you use your cousin’s or friend’s phone and try to stop navigation, do not be confused if the display is different. It is the OS of the phone that lets the procedure be done differently.

How Can I Stop Using The Google Maps App?

Way # 01:

If you are an Android user, then two ways will help you close the Google Maps Application. These include:

  • Tapping the Home button to close the application
  • Or, tapping the Recent Apps button to open the list of recently used apps

But remember, in any of these cases, the app will not shut completely. Rather it keeps running on the backend with no front end on the screen.

Way # 02:

To exit the Google Maps application, you can alternatively use the “App switcher.” You can accomplish this on the majority of Android devices by tapping and holding the “Recent apps” button, which will display a list of recently used apps. To close the Google Maps app, locate it in the list and slide it left or right.

People Also Ask:

How Do I Turn Off Directions?

  • Simply, open the Maps App on your mobile 
  • In the top left corner of the screen, you will see three horizontal lines. Tap on them to navigate to the main menu of the Google Maps app
  • Tap Settings > Navigation
  • At last, toggle off the Driving option

How Do You Stop Navigation On an iPhone?

Exit Navigation

If you are an iPhone user, just say:

‘Hey, Siri, Stop Navigation’, and your navigation will be stopped immediately.

Why Can’t I See the ‘X’ Button to Exit Navigation on Google Maps?

If it happens to you, there might be a couple of situations:

  • Whether your app version is outdated, or
  • This might be a temporary glitch and nothing else

This is why you should regularly check for the latest updates of the app to avoid such issues.

Can I Use Google Maps Offline Without Starting Navigation?

Yes, of course you can!

Last Words:

Guys, we must keep ourselves updated about the latest tech trends to navigate through different issues without problems. As we have mentioned some tricks to exit navigation maps, we hope they will help you to stop the navigation without a hurdle. In case of any problem, you should better come back and read the article again for more information.

Thanks for your time guys!

Great day! 


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