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bobby brown net worth
Category: Richest Celebrity

Net Worth: $2 Milloin

Birthdate: February 5, 1969

Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts

Gender: Male

Height: 5′ 10″

Profession: Singer

Bobby Brown is a gem of the musical industry. He had a dream of becoming a singer and fulfilled it after facing ups and downs in life. He mesmerized his fans with his energetic voice, lyrics, rapping, and dancing on the floor. His musical beat or performance style on the stage captures the heart of the audience. 

Bobby Brown is compared with his childhood idol Michael Jackson because of his energetic, sexually charged music, and live performances. Above all, no one can make a rough estimation of Bobby Brown’s net worth. His net worth fluctuates because he is running different side businesses. Bobby Brown net worth 2023 is more than $2 million.

Early Life:

Robert Barisford Brown was born in Boston, on February 5, 1969, in Massachusetts. 

He was brought up in the Orchard Park Projects in Roxbury. He has seven brothers and sisters and he is the youngest child of his parents. Bobby Brown has been interested in music since his childhood. At the age of three years, he saw a musician for the very first time which made him passionate about singing.

In actuality, it was James Brown who was a singer and performed live music concerts in Boston which is Boboy Brown’s hometown. James’s performance convinced him to achieve his dream of becoming a famous musician. 

Brown grew up in poverty and experienced a violent upbringing. A temporary teacher and a builder could not buy some of the things he wanted when he was young. This poor financial condition turned Brown and his friends into a thieve for fulfilling their dreams. 

In 1981, when Brown was 12 years old, he formed a music band “New Edition” with his childhood friends. One year later, His manager’s nephew joined his band and the total number of members of his band was five. 

Candy Girl:

In 1983, he gave his debut album, “Candy Girl” which proved to be a significant success. This album increased Bobby Brown net worth. This success made him more enthusiastic about his passion for music.  

The energetic beats, catchy melody, and youthful lyrics won the hearts of the audience and people became his fans. This album broke all records of success and added more digits to the net worth of Bobby Brown. 

Candy Girl achieved remarkable positions on music charts, such as the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, where it reached the top spot, and the Billboard Hot 100, which peaked at number 46, demonstrating its widespread appeal within the R&B genre. Its popularity was further cemented with the help of its music video, which was extensively shown on television networks and introduced to a wider audience.

Because of the song’s seductive charm and Brown’s captivating performance, it has endured and is considered a classic in the annals of R&B music history. All things considered, “Candy Girl” is proof of Bobby Brown’s early success and ongoing impact on popular music.

Bobby Brown Leaves New Edition:

bobby brown net worth

In 1984, New Edition produced another self-titled album which became more successful than his debut album including “Cool It Now” and “Mr. Telephone Man.” Although with the massive popularity of their songs, the other members of New Edition received pathetic treatment.

Bobby Brown stated, “ After moving to MCA Records, he felt that people treated him like a slave who is interested only in money or power and they don’t support New Edition genuinely”. Brown left the group New Edition in 1986.

Solo Career:

Bobby Brown started his solo career in 1986. He released his first solo album King of Stage. Brown was excited and expecting more success than he gained for this album. This album loaded his bank balance with more money and Bobby Brown net worth doubled with the popularity of this album.  

After gathering success with this album, “Girlfriend” is another solo album he released for his enthusiastic fans. Although it generated more sales, but this album fell short of his expectations.

After facing failure, he spent his two years with the most popular R&B producers and songwriters Teddy Riley, L.A. Reid, and Babyface. He wanted to reimagine himself as an adult artist. 

In 1988, they released an album named Don’t Be Cruel which broke the record in the music industry with extreme success. In a research, it is stated that approximately seven million copies sold and became the year’s best-selling album. 

Instead of this estimation, no one can know what is Bobby Brown net worth. In 1990, Brown recorded a song “On Our Own,” for the movie Ghostbusters II. In 1992, he released his third album “Bobby” featuring the singles “Humpin’ Around” and “Good Enough.”

Personal life:

Although Bobby Brown’s music career was reaching a peak, his personal life wasn’t good. On July 18, 1992, Brown married Houston at Houston estate. They had one child Bobbil Kristina in 1993. They faced many complications in their marital life. 

The use of drugs, heavy drinking, infidelity, and domestic violence destroyed the peace of their marital relationship. Bobby Brown got arrested many times due to drunk driving, battery, and more. The couple’s private problems provided the press with endless fodder. Ultimately, they separated in 2007.

Bown had a son with his girlfriend Alicia Etheredge. Later, they engaged on May 10, 2010, and got married in June 2012 in Hawaii.

Since their wedding, they have had two daughters: Bodhi Jameson Rein in 2015 and Hendrix Estelle Sheba in 2016.

Death of Daughter Bobbi Kristina:

bobby brown net worth

The death of his only daughter Bobbi Kristina was a big tragedy he faced in July 2015. She had died at the age of 22 after six months of coma. This tragedy affected Brown severely. He opened a not-for-profit shelter in Atlanta named after Bobbi Kristina in 2015. 

For victims and survivors of domestic abuse, this refuge offered 24-hour crisis intervention, emergency transitional housing, and access to resources and referral services in this shelter.

What Is Bobby Brown Net Worth?

There were only a few artists who had a colorful career in music and entertainment. Bobby Brown had an impactful career in music and fans are mesmerized with his melodious voice, music, lyrics, and electrifying performances. 


Alongside his fame, Bobby Brown net worth rose to substantial heights. Still, no one knows what is Bobby’s net worth. It is quite difficult to estimate his actual worth but his achievements give a rough estimation of his worth.  

Is Bobby Brown Still Married?

Yes, Brown and Alicia Etheredge have three children together; a son named Cassius, a daughter Bodhi, and another daughter Hendrix. 

She was the main part of Brown Ribbon Entertainment, a production company that creates primetime television, live theatre, and music from emerging artists. They both work hard to maintain their successful career. This also increased Bobby Brown net worth.


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