As time passes innovations makes the life easier but also make hurdles in many fields. Dark web is known in criminal activities. Many of people prey of it. Bogus-Braxtor is also one of them. It creates scanned able fake I’D cards, documents, passport, and other illegal activities. They make things similar to the original one. Many people use this way to attain their goals, but when they arrested by the Canadian cop they feel sorry.


Thus by using bogus-braxtor they try to hack someone’s credit cards and cash out their balance. Criminal actives become a cruse for whole world. New technologies are also proven positive affect by controlling these activities. They also purchase illegal weapons by scanning fake licenses. This was done in American, us, Israel and many other countries.   They set some rules for making fake identities which are given below:

  •  Prohibit by taking self-pictures.
  • You must be serious and easily identifiable
  • You must look straight into the camera
  • No hairs allowed, marks or obscurities on your face
  • You cannot enhance an timeworn passport photo on your fake ID



Preferably, the photo must be taken in high resolution and counter to a white background. The security guards or other authorities involved easily recognize the person in the picture. Later the managers have a request and i payment approval, they have to start the process at the same day. The manufacture of an ID takes crudely 7 days. Before, shipping will take additional 10-15 days. Perfectly, the photo should be taken in high resolution and against a white background. The security guards or other authorities elaborate easily to recognize the person in the picture.

A Series of Bogus Cards

Younger clients frequently mandate the IDs that approve them being 21 years or older. This permits let them to go out at night, purchase drinks at the bar and have fun with their dukes. It is mainly appropriate for students who are 1-2 years younger than the rest of their class or group and cannot contribute in certain occasions. With a bogus ID, they will not feel generally deprived any longer.

Thus in some cases, people demand ID’s that support them to made-up younger than they are. It can done simply.

Instead of identity cards, Bogus Braxtor have varieties  of documents too, like  driving license etc.

The goal spectators of this business are U.S. citizens. Though, if you are living in Western Australia or British Columbia, you can place order for a fake ID. Unluckily, this facility is not available for the inhabitants of other Australian or Canadian regions.

Quality & Security

Fake IDs by Bogus Braxtor naturally permit validity assessments as they have the following structures:

  • Raised text
  • UV ink
  • Micro-perforations
  • National barcodes hologram credentials

Their holders effectively handle with any type of proof. The substantial cards completed that is called Teslin. Thanks to it, custom-made IDs look correctly like their government-issued complements.

How to Order

Firstly, to make an order you must register on the web site. In the exact top corner of the main page, nearby the add Cart icon, click on the square icon that contains of nine small black squares. In the drop-down menu, there is two options: Sign In and Register. Select for the latter, if you are a newbie. The registration proceeds just a couple of seconds. You need not to wait to receive a confirmation linkage to your email or base on a code in a sms. As soon as you logged in to your account, proceed with action  Order Now section.

Placing Orders on the Website



The procedure of placing an order contains on some steps. You required uploading your photo and signature as well as filling in some forms, specifying your credential, date of birth, height, weight and other parameters.

All the data should be accurate and true, hence double-check it earlier submitting the form. While filling out the form, you are permissible to left some arenas blank — in this case, the Bogus Braxtor representatives will spawn random information themselves.

If you make mistakes through your own error, the company will not concern you for a new fake ID for free. You will need to pay the full fee for a new document. The management goes to great lengths to prevent any potential errors. For example, if you indicate an untrustworthily low body weight, the form will caution you about that.


Terms and Guarantees

Encouraging reviews by clients who are happy serve as the finest resistant of the company’s efficiency. In the top parallel menu on the site, there are two significant sections: Video/Pic Reviews and Recommendations. In the previous, you are able to see photos and videos of custom-made IDs that their owners effectively use. Finally, you could read text reviews written by folks who have ordered fake documents on this site. Furthermore, there is an opportunity with reviews — read the next passage of the article to get to know about it.

Customer Support

Inopportunely, there is no live chat agent on the site where you could type your questions and get an answer instantly. It will not look even after you register and start confirming the order form.

However the edge of the site is genuinely intuitive. Once you create an account, the step-by-step process of ordering an ID is very simple. And over, the information on the site is comprehensive and sufficient. Just a look through it attentively before making your order and you will not have any issues.

If  you still need to get in touch with the management, do follow the given steps :

  • Continue  the About Us section of the site
  • Roll it down
  • Find an email address and send a message to it

How Much Do Fake IDs Charge

The price depends on how many cards you order. If you want more than one, you can expect to obtain the following discounts:

  • 2-5 IDs — 30%
  • 6-10 IDs — 40%
  • 10+ IDs — 50%

These proposals are valid for all states.

The Price Range

On regular, an ID costs $100. This is a reasonable price because:

  • The value of the document is top-notch. It explains every cent you spent on it.
  • The ID is very strong and long-lasting. It will assist you for many years.


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